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Adrienne Yorinks visits many schools and libraries each year. Adrienne loves demonstrating the art of quilting and explaining how she develops her books. She talks
about her career in art, encouraging creativity, research, and perseverance. Her presentation includes slides of her work and anecdotes about her research and the
artistic process. While her presentations are informative, she also emphasizes the joy that writing has brought to her. While her books work well with elementary school
audiences, her school visits can also incorporate hands-on art activities that are appropriate for any grade.

If desired, Adrienne will work with schools and other organizations to tailor her remarks in a way that addresses specific topics or curriculum emphases, such as quilting
and creativity in book illustration. When she visits a class, it is not to promote her own work, but to use the visit as a tool to reinforce and support the work that is going on
in the classroom.

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